Wine. The Riot way.

In 2016, Joe and Tom founded Riot Wine Co and set out to re-invent by the glass wine #theriotway. What does that mean you ask?

Well, how often have you thrown out half empty bottles of wine because you only wanted a glass or two… sound familiar? Or you prefer red and your partner only drinks white or even worse doesn’t drink wine at all!

Then there’s moderation and sustainability, it’s top of mind for a lot of us. We hate being wasteful but we want a fresh glass of wine at the end of the day because let’s face it, we deserve it.

Enter wine-in-can. The smaller format has many benefits which we sum up with our core values; Fresher, Cleaner, Easier and Better.

Our commitment to sustainability.
At Riot Wine Co we’re committed to creating bright, fresh and easy-drinking wine using only the best fruit from South Australia. We’re also committed to doing this sustainably, which is why we only pack wine into aluminium cans and stainless steel kegs.

Our cans are infinitely recyclable and a single stainless-steel keg, in its 30-year lifespan, will save 23,000 bottles from landfills. Complementing our packaging, transporting a pallet of kegged wine is 33% more efficient than bottled wine reducing carbon emissions. Additionally our cellar door, The Cannery is powered by a combination of solar and batteries supplying 36% of its electricity needs.

We believe we all have a role to play and together we can do the 'Riot' thing, the Riot way.