It’s been a long week; you’ve just left the office and you're heading to your local bar for a glass of your favourite Blanc. You find a cosy booth with friends and take your first sip. It’s not the usual lifted passionfruit aromas followed by a crisp finish - it lacks lustre.
Good wine turned bad involves exposure to oxygen. Once a bottle has been opened it starts oxidising, losing all of those lovely aromas and flavours that make it the wine you love. Sadly, you never know how long that bottle of wine may have been opened.  
We can prevent this dilemma by drinking wine poured on tap. Riot Wine Co has started a revolution; artisan made wines intended to be stored in a keg and poured on tap. These are not textbook wines, it comes down to the fermentation and winemaking. For example, Riot kegs are covered with an inert gas, nitrogen, which prevents any air touching the wine. Goodbye oxidisation.
Furthermore, wines are temperature controlled right to the moment they are poured into the glass. We have created wines that are always fresh, contain low preservatives and involve zero waste.
Wine poured on tap ensures quality from first to last glass, just how the winemaker intended it. As wine consumers ourselves we just want to relax with friends and enjoy that glass of wine and have a Riot doing it.