International Grenache Day should be everyday

International Grenache Day, IGD, has been and gone for another year and what a Riot it was! This is the year 2 of IGD and the first Riot Wine Co has hosted in wine centric South Australia. The Riot crew teamed up with the legends from Yellend and Papps, The Other Wine Co, Vanguardist, Alpha Box and Dice, Coates and Hewitson at The Gilbert Street Hotel to celebrate these awesome little berries.

Grenache is leading the charge, being the dominant variety in both our Riot Rosé and Riot Rougé - and is our winemaker, me - Tom O’Donnell’s, favourite grape. Every year IGD builds momentum all over the world and you can find events happening in France, Spain, the USA and of course Australia.

What does IGD mean for Riot? Well we love drinking these wines any day of the week but most of all it's an awesome day to promote some of the best regions in the world that make this wine; McLaren Vale, the Barossa Valley and Burgundy in France. It's a cracking excuse to line up wines from all over to compare styles, have a bit of friendly competition and banter, swap notes but most of all enjoy the precious varietal Grenache.

In October we will be launching our 2017 Riot Rosé which is about 80% Grenache. This fruit gives amazing floral tones and texture, being silky smooth and ready for summer drinking! It’s a sexy Rosé.

We can't wait for you to try this wine.


Tommy O’Donnell aka the Wineman