Canned Wine? The myths debunked.

Canned wine? as in cheap wine? isn't it like beer? wouldn't it taste like metal? how does this even work? 

If the above have popped into your mind a few times when thinking about canned wine, you're not alone. Lots of people aren't too sure about how canned wine works so naturally there are a couple of myths floating around. Below are our top myths debunked!

Myth: Canned wine should be treated like bottles of wine

Unlike some wines that need to be aged for 10 years, canned wine is made for you to enjoy now. No need to keep it sitting in a temperature-controlled cellar for years and years to get the best flavour. Storing wine in a can also preserves the wine, which reduces the sulphites needed to keep it fresh. Light and oxygen are kept out, leaving you a fresh fruity and floral flavour. Canned wine is ready for you as soon as you’ve picked it up from the shop, just chill it in the fridge or esky, if you’ve got the Rosé Spritz - add some ice and orange, and you’re ready to go.  

Canned wine also helps with controlling and knowing the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Once it’s open, you know you’re having approximately 2 standard serves, with nothing going to waste. Another win is not needing any corkscrews, glassware or decanters to enjoy this wine – making it a great option for the beach, camping, or outdoor cinemas.



Myth: Canned wine should be treated like beer

Although the packaging is similar, the product is completely different being a wine. This means the ABV for R!OT’s wines can range from 11.5% (Pinot G) to 14% (Grenache). Majority of beers typically fall between 4%-7%. Therefore, a 250mL can of Riot wine is the equivalent of 2 small glasses of wine or 1 large glass.  

Myth: Canned wine tastes metallic

The biggest misconception about storing wine in cans is that it makes the wine taste metallic or off. The cans used to store wine are exactly the same as those used to store beer and cider; all have a protective layer inside of the can. Due to this protection, the wine flavour isn’t impacted by the aluminium.

Myth: Canned wine = cheap wine

Now, fresh, early drinking wines are being put into cans including whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling. Here at R!OT, we can two reds: Grenache and Pinot Noir, one white: Pinot G, and two rosés: Rosé Grenache and our most popular wine, the Rosé Spritz. Our Chief Winemaker – Tom O’Donnell – is able to travel across South Australia and pick the finest grapes to make each of our wines so you know you’re getting the best tasting wine.


R!OT wine co strives to produce fresher, cleaner, easier and better products that are sustainable, high quality and fun. Right from the beginning on the vine, to when you open your can, R!OT's wine captures freshness so every glass is the highest quality for you.